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Are you planning to go skiing in Charquemont this winter?  Have you actually already booked your next ski holidays and are you now looking for the best ski equipment to rent? Our store Woka Loisirs is pleased to welcome you in the heart of Charquemont, directly next to the slopes and the ski school. Many activities are just a few steps away from our store in Charquemont. Our professional team at Woka Loisirs will help you find the best skiing equipment and will provide valuable advices according to your level and expectations.  We’ll do everything we can to make sure you spend an unforgettable holiday in Charquemont. First time snowboarding? Do you rather want to test the new all-mountain skis or mini-skis? Do you prefer spending time enjoying nature while cross-country skiing in Charquemont? You can discover the joy of skiing in complete safety thanks to your equipment booked at Woka Loisirs.  Don’t hesitate to share your wishes with our smiling team.  Woka Loisirs offers a wide range of new skis and snowboards. They are all at the cutting edge of technology so that everyone can find the perfect equipment: children, beginners, experienced skiers, teenagers riding and having fun in a snowpark…  You’ll be able to fully enjoy your ski trip in Charquemont! Our store Woka Loisirs will find the perfect skiing equipment for you, whether to learn quickly how to ski or to improve yourself if you’re looking for more speed and performance. You’ll find the latest skiing equipment available on the market in our shop so that you’ll spend an unforgettable holiday in Charquemont. A ski trip actually means spending quality time with your friends and/or  family and renting a good skiing equipment at Woka Loisirs is the first step for a successful holiday. You will then be able to explore Charquemont ski area and hit the slopes with your high quality equipment. Need some advice during your stay? Our professional and passionate team at Woka Loisirs stays at your disposal at any time!  

Woka Loisirs is located in the city center so that you can easily experience the charm of this ski resort. It’s worth discovering Charquemont under snow. Do you want to ensure –even before going- that you will enjoy a relaxing time there? You can book your skiing equipment in advance online on our website. All you have to do is actually to select the equipment you want to rent and then pick it up at Woka Loisirs when you arrive at the ski resort. You’ll not have to wait since our team at  Woka Loisirs will prepare your skis in advance so that your equipment is ready for pick up as soon as your arrive in Charquemont. It’s a simple and effective solution to enjoy the slopes in Charquemont immediately upon your arrival.  You’re not quite sure about the size (ski and boots) you have to select? Don’t worry; our team will select it for you according to your level and experience. Everything (skis , boots, helmet…) will be checked when you visit our store Woka Loisirs. 
Don’t hesitate and trust our experienced team! Renting your equipment online at Woka Loisirs in Charquemont means getting your equipment at the very best price, with discounts going up to 50%.

Address: station de la Combe Saint Pierre 25140 Charquemont
Hours: Monday-Sunday : 09:00-17:00
Languages spoken: Français

Rush hours:

8h 11h 14h 17h 20h
Friday :
Averagely crowded
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